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The real estate market offers great opportunities and great risks, from the financial as well as the strategic perspective ...

Determining property values in line with current market conditions requires a great amount of experience and expertise. This applies even more when the valuation needs to be completed within a tight timeframe. Each one of our appraisers meets these requirements, offering a high level of expertise, many years of experience in the market and personal independence. An appropriate education is prerequisite, as well as many years of professional experience as an appraiser. Members of our team are publicly appointed and certified real estate appraisers or have comparable national and international qualifications. To maintain a high level of quality, our team takes the approach of a life-long learning process. Consulting expertise and service quality are not just buzz words for us. Comprehensive resources and well-founded information are also decisive factors for the quality of a valuation. This is why our team members exploit all possibilities to procure information. Internal, powerful primary and secondary research systems provide access to market data, analyses and reports worldwide.

We support and assist you in all real estate transactions

Meeting the challenges of dynamic real estate markets. Searching for optimal solutions in times of globalization. Showing professionalism in the valuation of complex portfolios. This is what we aspire to. At the same time, it also is the basis for our complete range of services in which your individual requirements are the central focus.